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Spaans Dak


Restaurant, heritage monument



The house known as Spaans Dak, located on the 'Zoet Water', is a remnant of a 14th century chapel that got its current form in the 16th century. In the period between the two world wars, the former café was expanded as an attraction for tourists and hikers. For example, the terrace was surrounded by fencing with a gate providing access to the boat quay, etc.

In the first phase, the interior of the historic building was completely reorganized, with the historic elements once again displayed as a frame of reference.

The project upgrades the functioning of this historic building by providing a utility room and a new kitchen. It also integrates the outdoor terrace into the project extending up to the quay. Steel skeleton with wooden visible roof structure builds this extension. This project was realized within 6 months while retaining the existing restaurant function.

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